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Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd. founded on February 9, 2001 started operation in january 2002.
Capital 3.3 Billon Baht (invested 100% by Daikin Industries Ltd.)

Manpower Conditions
April 2016 Employees about 1,652 and 9 of Loaned Japanese employees.

BOI (The Board of Investment) promoted Company Basically 100% export (but domestic sale is possible).
ISO 9001:2000 Certify on July 2003 , ISO 14001 certify on December 2004 ,and TIS 812-2548 certify on February 2008.

Major Products
Compressor for residential and commercial air-conditioners.

Each production center of Daikin Group in Japan DIT (Thailand), China and Europe(Belgium, Czech).

Site Area - 95,909 m2
- No 1. Factory 9,958 m2
- No 2. Factory 13,600 m2
- Technical Center 2,460 m2
- Parking Lot 13,048 m2
- Canteen 1,670 m2
- Quality Center 2,600 m2
- Dome House 1,950 m2

Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.


Product for Daikin only.




Swing 1YC




Swing 2YC





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